Viewing: eMule 0.47c NetF WARP 0.2b Binary

eMule 0.47c NetF WARP 0.2b Binary

- Based on eMule 0.47c
- Added disconnection of very slow upload sessions
- Removed some 'Safe KAD' code that become redundant with the 0.47c release
- Removed the 'Fixed TCP port' feature as it caused problem for some
- Changed 'VIP Queue' so VIP upload is always allowed upto 10% of your upload bandwidth even if you have a bad ratio
- Changed, files in release cause clients to automatically become VIP's
- Fixed a small bug in the server list
- Fixed some parts in the upload handling

- Note! There was an unmentioned change in NetF WARP 0.2a that disables the friend auto VIP, this change is still in place.

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