Viewing: eMule 0.47a Diclonius 2.0 Binary

eMule 0.47a Diclonius 2.0 Binary

Based Upon Tombstone 1.50
merged to Tombstone 1.51 BETAadded: eMule Process Prio [Morph/IoNix]
added: Emule Forget To Publish Files To Server [XMan]
added: P2PThreat [Netfinity]
added: NAFC [WiZaRd]
added: Powershareoption in Downloadlistctrl [WiZaRd]
added: Upload Priority to Feedback [WiZaRd]
added: Country + flag on client detail [Morph/Spe64]
added: Additional Info in clientdetailwindow (UserIP&Port)[Spe64]
added: Mass Rename [Morph]
added: simple clean up [Morph]
added: proper status sorting for upload list [WiZaRd]
added: try-catch-handler added to CMuleListCtrl::SaveSettings to catch some strange crashes [WiZaRd]
added: code cleanup around DbgGetFullClientSoftVer() to avoid rare crashes [WiZaRd]
added: ShowSharePermissions [Morph]
added: Community visible filelist [Mighty Knife]
added: Download Sort Glitchfix [WiZaRd]
added: AutoHL [WiZaRd]
added: Reask After IpChange [Maella/Sivka]
added: Quickstart and (After IPChange) [TPT/WiZaRd]
added: IP2Country [AndCycle/AcKroNiC]
added: Winsock2 [eWombat/NeoMule]
added: Check TempSpace [Slugfiller]
added: Dropsystem [AcKroNiC]
added: A4AF [Morph/AcKroNiC]
added: Friendupload is possible from every window now [Spe64]
added. IPFilter AutoUpdate [Morph]
added: Fakecheck [Morph]
added: UL/DL Status [LSD]
added: ModID [Slugfiller]
added: Import Parts [SR13]
added: show client% [Xlillo]
added: show cpu % mem in transferwindow [$ick$/changed by WiZaRd]
added: show server in transferwindow [KTS/Mondgott/changed by WiZaRd]
added: Copy Feedback Function [Morph /changed by WiZaRd]
added: Specialstats Feature [Template by WiZaRd/Shandra] [Lama/Spe64]
added: Sidebanner [TPT] [Banner and Splashscreen by NoSFeLaMa]
added: Toolbar [eMule plus/shadow2004]
added: new Toolbar grafics ([O_F]
added: Categories by Khaos
added: SpreadBars [Slugfiller]
added: HideOS [Slugfiller]
added: selective Chunk sharing [Slugfiller]
changed: italian verbose Log for dropped sources to english (bug reported by nick75)[lama]
changed: Filebuffer Value from 1,5 MB max to 5,5MB max (wish by BigTiger) [lama]
changed: Quickstart is now working with KadOnly too [WiZaRd]
changed: Hardlimit - for file and total selectable now [WiZaRd]
removed: Help
removed: IRC
removed: Wizard

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