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eMule 0.47c Binary

- Sep, 14. 2006 -
.: Fixed some major bugs in Kad 2.0 source/keyword publishing

- Sep, 13. 2006 -
.: Fixed Kad bug with processing Kad1.0-Packets which is believed to be remotely exploitable and therefore a potential risk if Kad is enabled [found by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
.: Fixed bug with lost setting for disabled UDP port.
.: Fixed bug in First Runtime Wizard with previously disabled UDP port.
.: Added more sanitizing for Kad packages to ignore all unrequested packets

- Sep, 11. 2006 -
.: Fixed some Kad memory leaks in exception handlers [tHeWiZaRdOfDoS]
.: Tweaked reading of "addresses.dat" and "shareddir.dat" files to skip spaces and empty lines.
.: Fixed bug with wrong file type mismatch warning for multiple selected part files.

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