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kMule 20120902 Binary

based upon eMule v0.50a
> updated libpng to v1.5.10
> updated zlib to v1.2.7
> updated CryptoPP to v5.6.1
> updated miniupnplib support to v1.7 (24/05/2012)
- mobilemule [WiZaRd]
- kademlia wnd [WiZaRd]
- server support [WiZaRd]
- IRC [WiZaRd]
- Search Related Files [Tuxman]
~ kad always enabled [WiZaRd]
~ transfer full chunks always enabled [WiZaRd]
~ SUI always enabled [WiZaRd]
+ modder credits [WiZaRd]
~ protocol obfuscation always supported [WiZaRd]
! http downloads were aborting too early ( [WiZaRd]
~ code formatting [Tuxman]
+ IntelliFlush [WiZaRd]
* automatic flushing on chunk completion
* filebuffer timelimit default: 15min.
* filebuffer size: 0.5-20MB
~ splashscreen and app icons [WiZaRd]
~ client version: "ed2k Loader" [WiZaRd]
+ modversion [WiZaRd]
~ spam filter always enabled [WiZaRd]
+ AntiFake [WiZaRd, parts from Netfinitys' FakeAlyzer]
+ Kad Term Cleanup [WiZaRd]
~ simplified DL progress [WiZaRd]
~ detect VLC automatically [WiZaRd]
- scheduler [WiZaRd]
~ credit system always enabled [Tuxman]
~ notifications and proxy settings are only visible when "extended controls" is enabled
- web interface [WiZaRd]
- sound/mail/speech notifications and built-in popups [Tuxman]
+ Snarl support [Tuxman]
* replaces built-in notifier system
* visit for download and information
~ connection wizard integrated into first start assistant [WiZaRd]
- connection wizard removed from prefs [WiZaRd]
~ search file colors changed [WiZaRd]
+ ICS by enkeyDev [WiZaRd]
* ICS replaces default chunk selection and cannot be deactivated
+ AntiHideOS by netfinity [WiZaRd]
- "tooltip delay" option [Tuxman]
+ ClientAnalyzer [WiZaRd]
+ Small File Slot [WiZaRd]
+ Queue Size Fix [WiZaRd]
- Peercache [WiZaRd]
- Connect Button [WiZaRd]
+ ModVersion Display in ListCtrls [WiZaRd]
+ searchCatch by SLUGFILLER [Tuxman]
~ message captchas always enabled [WiZaRd]
~ automatically select an alternative port if port is in use [WiZaRd]
+ PowerShare [WiZaRd]
+ Intelligent SoTN [WiZaRd]
+ Payback First [WiZaRd]
+ SharedView Ed2kType [WiZaRd, parts by Avi3k]
~ reserve at least max(10MB, 5% of HD) for ed2k Loader [WiZaRd]
- removed nonsense "OK" button from networkinfo dialog [WiZaRd]
- perflog [WiZaRd]
+ endgame improvement [WiZaRd]
~ use "optimal" tempdir for preview backup creation [WiZaRd]
~ minor cleanup in the Proxy settings [Tuxman]
! fixed 2 memleaks in official KAD code [WiZaRd]
+ autoupdate system [WiZaRd]
+ ipfilter autoupdate [WiZaRd]
~ ipfilters now filter Kad contacts on-the-fly [WiZaRd]
* i.e. we check all known contacts on ipfilter update and delete filtered ones
- removed support for 4 and 8 bit desktop colors [WiZaRd]
* get real - get an update!
~ enhanced ed2k links and collections with folder attributes [WiZaRd]
* downloaded files will retain their directory structure on completion
* have fun with highly improved filesharing via collections
+ NoNeededRequeue by SlugFiller [WiZaRd]
- statically enabled Win7 goodies [WiZaRd]
- statically enabled advanced spam filter [WiZaRd]
- statically enabled message smilies [WiZaRd]
~ statically enabled crash dumps [Tuxman]
! fixed possible crash in connections dialog - thx SS1900 [WiZaRd]
~ change the connection globe icons [WiZaRd]
~ fixed wrong tab order in prefs [WiZaRd]
~ changed slotspeed estimation [WiZaRd]
<+> added slotfocus - STATIC! [WiZaRd]
~ changed popup order on startup [WiZaRd]
+ added version check to tools [WiZaRd]
~ improved passive source finding [WiZaRd]
+ added trickle slot orientation slot opening [WiZaRd]
! fixed possible crash in first start assistent - thx Nuberu [WiZaRd]
+ added FDC by BlueSonicBoy [WiZaRd]
~ removed icons from options dialog [WiZaRd]
! don't send empty directories [WiZaRd]
+ you can now adjust the sharing mode for each directory individually [WiZaRd]
+ added column for fake info to searchlistctrl [WiZaRd]
! fixed stats bug - thx to jerrybg [WiZaRd]
+ ratio indicator smilies in sharedfiles list [WiZaRd]
+ ratio indicator smiliey added to preferences [WiZaRd]
* help them looking friendly by sharing your stuff
+ mediainfo.dll autoupdate [WiZaRd]
~ splash is now shown way earlier to compensate for ipfilter loading times [WiZaRd]
+ added restart confirmation popup [WiZaRd]
! (mis)placement/size of the lower panes in the transfers window by jerrybg [WiZaRd]
+ ColorPreviewReadyFiles [WiZaRd, idea by jerrybg]
+ chat logging [WiZaRd, idea by CiccioBastardo]
+ advanced transfer window layout by Stulle [WiZaRd]
+ re-added option to enable default progress bar style via pref.ini [WiZaRd]
* UseSimpleProgress=0/1
+ diskspace checks now require min(1GB, max(10MB, 5% of HDD)) [WiZaRd]
~ reduced CPU usage for Kad parts [WiZaRd, original by netfinity]

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