Viewing: eMule 0.47a Ackronic 4.3 Binary for P4 64bit

eMule 0.47a Ackronic 4.3 Binary for P4 64bit

Added: ISP/NAT Traversal (v3) from NeoMule.
Added: Advance client recognition eMule+ 1.2 fix - Fix by Enig123
Added: MORPH ipfilter kad
Added: HashProgress from NeoMule
Added: More Info about .part/.met file corrupted by Mulus
Fixed: unstable upload.
Fixed: Remove IP Filtered servers bug found by SiRoB
Fixed: Collection Double Extension, Modifing an already existing one - Fix by CiccioBastardo
Fixed: Some memleak by Wizard
Fixed: "not A Valid Link" In Directdownloaddlg by BlueSonicBoy
Fixed: Some minor bug
changed: Put SearchTypeEd2kGlobal by Default
Changed: Raised block count locking thresholds in CUpDownClient::SendBlockRequests From ESE
Changed: if you set "Remove dead server" to 0 the server will not be cancelled.
Update: Anti-Leecher
Update: Trash Filter
Update: CategoryMod From MorphXT
Remove: Don't remove static server.

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