Viewing: eMule 0.50a Ackronic MLF 6.0 Binary

eMule 0.50a Ackronic MLF 6.0 Binary

Version with Morph AntiLeecher Features

Based on MorphXT v12.5

replace "skin" to AcKroNiC
adjust credits thread
change 1'st time wizard [taz] : most values are now loaded from preferences
fix store obfuscated server connection on 1'st time wizard [taz] : value never stored
fix ICS preview priority [taz] : piority values were reversed
change ICS enabled for preview as well [taz]
change NewDefaultNick [WiZaRd] : follow mod name
add regional connection wizard [Mulo Da Soma/taz] : localization
change regional connection wizard : use Israel for he_IL locale & Italy for all other
fix (???) fully utilize upload bandwidth on empty queue [taz] : was blocked on max (per class) client datarate
fix @CServerWnd::ReattachAnchors Repaint Splitter - ReattachAnchors [moloko+]
add more mods icons [taz] : Icons taken from ModIconDLL
change mandatory : transfer full chunks, SUI, protect (don't remove) static servers
change disable queue size setting when InfiniteQueue [WiZaRd/SLUGFILLER] : infinitequeue option moved from Morph optins to extended
remove ipfilter servers [leuk_he] : treated via ASF
add ASF - AcKroNiC Servers Filter [taz/Mulo da Soma/EneTec/Spike2]
add AcK filters [Aenarion/Xanatos] : family and trash filters
add Low-id notifier [chamblard]
add Completed in Tray [Stulle]
add More info about corrupted .met/.part file [Aenarion]
add Open Incoming from tray [taz]
change selectable compilation (AcK/Is_CA.h) CA/Morph anti leecher [taz]
add CA [WiZaRd] + adjustments (compilation related, funny nick, adjust CAntiLeechData::Check4ModThief to -modname-, etc.) [taz]
fix CUPnP_IGDControlPoint : don't rely in module pointer which is "0"ed on constructor [taz]
add Variable corrupted blocks ban threshold [Spike2]
add Inform Clients after IP Change [Stulle]
add PowerShare stats [taz/pP] : collector code rearranged (mainly shift from Prefs to Stats), stats rewritten
change New Version Check : adjust check logic (ntohl) + links/notes to AcK
change default active log pane to log (from server message)
change splash to follow previous AcKroNiC style
add Emulate other [???/WiZaRd/Torni/Spike2]
add Enhanced Client Recognition [Spike2] + stats [Stulle]
add Nice Hash [Xman]
add Quick start [TPT]
change Quick start [taz] : non stored back values (using connection setting)
add minRQR [WiZaRd]
add Don't remove dead servers on 0 retries [???]
add drop sources [Stulle]
change show # of dropped sources : shift m_ShowDroppedSrc to CDownloadQueue::RemoveSourceAndDontAsk
fix show # of dropped sources : count only dropped
add don't drop complete sources [taz] : simplified version due to the change of show # of dropped sources

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