Viewing: eMule 0.50a Katana 2.1 Binary

eMule 0.50a Katana 2.1 Binary

Changed: Some cosmetic changes around AntiLeechInfo & ClientDetail dialog [pP]
Changed: Slotlimiter uses limits from Opcodes again, [pP]
Changed: FloodControl gets disabled if Waitinglist exceeds 50 clients [pP]
Changed: AntiLeechDialog, disable disabled Leecher detections ;) [pP]
Changed: AntiLeechDialog, disable CA outputs when official CS is used [pP]
Changed: ClientDetailsDialog, hide total up/down when CA is enabled [pP]
Changed: ClientDetailsDialog, OwnLine for OwnScore [pP]
Changed: Show Anylyzer score in AntileechDetails plus some other small design changes [pP]
Changed: Removed the X-Ray SecureIdent icons from ClientDetailsDialog [pP]
Changed: Fixed transparency on client0/1/2/3/4.ico [pP]
Added: Switch to turn off adding BBCodes to exported stats and feedbacks [pP]
Added: Chunkdetail for uploaded and doenloaded chunks [pP]
fixed: ModIcon was not shown in title bar and tray [pP]
Changed: Upgraded SlotFocus to Wizards version for more constant trickle speeds [TSX 1.0]
added: The slot column now shows if it's a trickle (T) or full (F) slot (uploadlist) [pP, related to BlockRatio/SlotFocus]
added: BlockRatio with DropBlockingClients [XRay 1.7]
added: RequestedFiles tab for ClientDetailsDialog (w/o MultiFileStatusbars for now) [XRay 1.7]
added: Show compression in uploadlist [XRay 1.7]
added: FillSolidRect [XRay 1.7]
fixed: GPL-Breaker Icon was shown in Clientdetails without Modstrings [MiM] [pP]
Changed: Moved all IDS strings into stringtables and cleaned it up a bit [pP]
removed: localize.cpp/localize.h [pP]
removed: forgotten "Dutch as defaults" codes in preferences.cpp/.h [pP]

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