Viewing: eMule 0.50a MorphCA 1.2 Binary

eMule 0.50a MorphCA 1.2 Binary

Readd: Some parts of control mod tag
Remove: Smart Upload Control
Remove: Slot Limiter (experimental)
Change: Some default settings
Add: Prefs for ShowFileStatusIcon in optionspage
Add: Drop Blocking Clients [X-Ray/Stulle]
Add: QuickStart [Xanatos]
Change: Sharevisibly color removed and added overlayicon
Remove: Update server list when connecting to a server
Remove: Update server list when a client connects
Add: ClipStat [X-Ray/WiZaRd]
Add: ClientAnalyzer to ClipStat [umek]
Add: CPU/MEM usage [$ick$/Stulle]
Add: Powershare to Stats [pP]
Change: TotalUpDown with color [X-Ray]
Fix: LowID color in uploadlist at wrong columm
Add: ChatLog [CiccioBastardo]
Add: Enhanced Client Recognition [Spike2]
Add: Emulate Others [WiZ/Spike2/shadow2004]
Add: Show MinQR in downloadlist [?]
Fix: Ip2Country column in downloadclientsctrl [morph4u]
Change: No FunnyNick for leecher and show in clientdetail dialog [pP]
Change: VariableCompression [Xman/NetF]

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