Viewing: eMule 0.49c SharkX 1.7 Binary

eMule 0.49c SharkX 1.7 Binary

based on AcKroNiC v5.4 (eMule 0.49c)

remove : ASF
remove : Global HL (Stulle)
add : Optional funnynick display (SiRoB)
add : folder ICONS (MoNKi)
add : Resource Bar (WiZaRd)
add : AutoHL (WiZaRd)
add : Show src totals (taz)
add : Upload feedback from Xtreme 6.1 (IcEcRacKer)
add : slots are sorted by score (taz)
add : slots are resorted on friend slot or shared file priority / PS changed by user (zz idea)
chnage : mod version check "host name"
change : mod support forum links
change : default region for connection wizard to Israel
change : modstr SharkX
change : mod icons + options side banner
change : upload list layout
change : adjust Sivka file settings to AutoHL (taz)
change : region for connection wizard derived from OS locale / lang (taz)
change : adjust drop system & Sivka file setting to AutoHL (taz)
change : adjust Client Analyzer to funnynick (taz)
change : adjust for fairness - 9 < maxupload < 20 => maxdownload = maxupload*16 (taz)
change : optimization of CUploadQueue::ReSortUploadSlots (taz)

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