Viewing: eMule 0.49c Ackronic 5.3 Binary

eMule 0.49c Ackronic 5.3 Binary

update : SafeHash from MorphXT v11.3
update : Flush Thread from MorphXT v11.3
update : CA to latest sources from WiZaRd
update : File Settings from StulleMule v6.2 (Stulle)
change : Mod feedback title (Tiboke idea), remove leading spaces on CPU type, add average session uploaded & downloaded.
change : slot focus from WiZarD's to ZZ's
change : slot control from X-Ray (JvA & Stulle) to WiZaRd's
change : Close Backdoor from Xterme v6.1 (Xman) + Flag blocks to delete (zz)
change : revert options->security->"upload ipfilter" to official + reset ipfilter ed2k version (taz)
change : simplified SlotControl code (shift CheckSlotSpeed() into CPreferences::SetMaxUpload (taz)
fix : glitch at slot focus options - 10'x Kid
fix : ASF GUI glitch at transer windows - 10'x Kid
fix : @CUpDownClient::SwapToAnotherFile from ZZUL_20080801-2355 (zz)
fix : remove USS spam (WiZaRd)
fix : send OP_OUTOFPARTREQS @CUploadQueue::RemoveFromUploadQueue from ZZUL_20080801-2355 (zz)
fix : @CUploadQueue::UpdateActiveClientsInfo (WiZaRd)
fix : Coennction Checker ICMP pings (taz)
fix : Connection Checker - no reconnect to server without ed2k selected (taz)
fix : official bug of log lines not saved (taz)
fix : preview for ICS (taz)
fix : fix userhash collision from Xtreme v7.1 (DreaMule)
add : Automatic Firewalled Retries from eMuleFuture v0.7 (WiZaRd)
add : add some fixes (minor), optimizations and failed DL seesion counter (CA) @CUpDownClient::SetDownloadState (taz)
add : add failed UL seesion counter (CA) @CUploadQueue::RemoveFromUploadQueue (taz)
add : Store corrupted blocks senders (CA) @CCorruptionBlackBox::EvaluateData (taz)
add : Bad Modstring Scheme detection from DLP v37 (WiZaRd)
add : mod faker (usage of CA code for treating mod fakers : ModThief, as before, + BadShareaza & vagaa & Bad Modstring Scheme) (taz)
add : additional fixes by dolphinx, WiZaRd & morph4u
add : optimization & fix @CUpDownClient::ProcessFileStatus from ZZUL_20080801-2355 (zz)
add : optimization @CUpDownClient::SendBlockRequests from ZZUL_20080801-2355 (zz)
add : optimization @CUpDownClient::StartDownload from ZZUL_20080801-2355 (zz)
remove : ban BadShareaza & ban Vagaa & Bad Modstring Scheme from ban control.
remove : Merge Known files
remove : IntelliFlush (now within official - mod options still exist to "expose" official advanced options)
remove : faster upload timer
optimize : minor optimization and code change for Winsock 2 (taz)

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