Viewing: eMule 0.49c SharkX 1.6 Binary

eMule 0.49c SharkX 1.6 Binary

remove : ASF
remove : Global HL (Stulle)
remove : zz's slot focus
add : Advanced download throttling (Netfinity)
add : Optional funnynick display (SiRoB)
add : folder ICONS (MoNKi)
add : Resource Bar (WiZaRd)
add : AutoHL (WiZaRd)
add : WiZaRd's slot focus
add : Show src totals (taz)
update : community & corrupt userhash detection from DLP v35
chnage : mod version check "host name"
change : mod support forum links
change : default region for connection wizard to Israel
change : modstr SharkX
change : mod icons + options side banner
change : upload list layout
change : adjust Sivka file settings to AutoHL (taz)
change : region for connection wizard derived from OS locale / lang (taz)
change : adjust drop system & Sivka file setting to AutoHL (taz)
change : adjust Client Analyzer to funnynick (taz)
change : adjust for fairness - 9 < maxupload < 20 => maxdownload =
maxupload*16 (taz)

Changes from beta 1 :

change : Mod feedback title (Tiboke idea), remove leading spaces on
CPU type, add average session uploaded & downloaded.
update : Bad Modstring Scheme detection from DLP v37 (WiZaRd)
add : Automatic Firewalled Retries from eMuleFuture v0.7 (WiZaRd)
fix : glitch at slot focus options - 10'x Kid
fix : ASF GUI glitch at transer windows - 10'x Kid
update : CA to latest sources from WiZaRd
add : add some fixes (minor), optimizations and failed DL seesion
counter (CA) @CUpDownClient::SetDownloadState (taz)
add : add failed UL seesion counter (CA)
@CUploadQueue::RemoveFromUploadQueue (taz)
add : Store corrupted blocks senders (CA)
@CCorruptionBlackBox::EvaluateData (taz)
remove : ban BadShareaza & ban Vagaa & Bad Modstring Scheme from ban control.
add : mod faker (usage of CA code for treating mod fakers :
ModThief, as before, + BadShareaza & vagaa & Bad Modstring Scheme)

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