Viewing: eMule 0.49b ZZUL Plus 1.1 Binary

eMule 0.49b ZZUL Plus 1.1 Binary

ADDED: MTU - Settings[Maella] merged from Xtreme
CHANGED: changed SysInfo implementation because it Crashed under Vista[Stulle] merged from X-Ray
ADDED: forgotten codeparts of several features i missed during merging
ADDED: SearchColors[WiZaRd]
ADDED: Emulate others [WiZaRd/Spike/shadow2004/evcz] merged from MagicAngel
ADDED: Credits Reset Exploit Prevention[netfinity] merged from netF Warp
ADDED: Add next connect theft?[netfinity] merged from netF Warp
ADDED: Fakealyzer[netfinity] merged from netF Warp
CHANGED: fixed Crash when moving files
CHANGED: fixed ModVersion wasn't send
ADDED: Extra User Infos[MorphXT] merged from MagicAngel
CHANGED: fix ClearMessageField[TuxMan] from Official Board
CHANGED: fixed ClientDetailDialog Antileech Label
ADDED: show virtual sources [MORPH] merged from Xtreme
ADDED: Recognize Horde op-codes[netfinity] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: Recognize MlDonkey XS Answer [Stulle/Spike2/ideas by Wiz] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: multiSort [SLUGFILLER] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: Init-Hashtable optimization [Xman] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: reqBlocksClipping[Slugfiller] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: hopefully fixed a crash reported by jerryBBB
ADDED: MemLeak Fixes [WiZaRd] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: better passive source finding[XMan] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: Variable Compression[netfinity] merged from my old Mod
ADDED: Custom Colors for XP Menues
ADDED: XP Menues [Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: ManualSourceRequest [Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: Parts of SourceRequestTweaks [Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: NeoDownloadCommands [Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: ClientAnalyzer Score Collumn [pP] merged from R-Mod
ADDED: Fixed fairplay Display in QueueList and Uploadlist [evcz/gomez82] merged from MagicAngel
ADDED: Xtented Credit Table Arrangement[XMan] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: Better Client Attaching[Xanatos] merged from NeoMule
ADDED: added check to prevent "bad" username usage (DLP.dll needed) [WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: SLS [enkeyDEV/JvA] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: SafeHash [Slugfiller/SiRoB] merged from Xray
ADDED: Clipstat support [WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: Feedback support [WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: Compatible Client Statistics[Stulle/WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: Mod Statistics[TPT] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: only kill source if no Requested File[Xanatos] merged from Xray
ADDED: LoopImprovements[Xanatos] merged from Xray
ADDED: CriticalPacketFix[Xanatos] merged from Xray
ADDED: Unknown Protocol Tags and Show in ClientDetails[Bluesonicboy/JvA/WiZaRd] merged from Xray
ADDED: Show Hardlimit for Files constantly[Stulle] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: Show Global Hardlimit[Stulle] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: Global Hardlimit customized for Files[Stulle] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: Global Hardlimit[Stulle] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: Smaller Connected Display in StatusBar[SiRoB] merged from StulleMule
ADDED: FairPlay[AndCycle] merged from Morph
CHANGED: fix for StaticTrayIcon[morph4u]
ADDED: Reduced CPU usage[netfinity] merged from Xtreme
ADDED: Sourcecache[XMan] merged from Xtreme
ADDED: better chunk selection[XMan] merged from Xtreme
ADDED: Show (un-)loading status of IPFilter[Stulle] merged from ScarAngel
CHANGED: Default Colors for PS/FS/Friend/Community[gomez82]
CHANGED: Default Colors for Logs[WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
CHANGED: moved Options from PPgTweaks to PPgTweaks2
ADDED: IntelliFlush/LargerBuffer/BufferTime[WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: Separate Options Page for Display Options[gomez82]
CHANGED: now u can choose if you want Color BG , Text or Both for PS/FS/Friend/Community[gomez82]
CHANGED: fixed some Bugs found by some Testers
ADDED: Powershare Color to shared files[gomez82]
ADDED: fixed on queue sorting in Shared Files thx Eulero for Reporting[gomez82]
ADDED: auto drop immunity[Stulle] merged from ScarAngel
ADDED: Drop Sources[Sivka/Stulle] merged from ScarAngel
ADDED: Sivka File Settings[Sivka/Stulle] merged from ScarAngel
ADDED: IP2Country and Updatepage[EastShare/WiZaRd/shadow2004] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: more logging if config dir is readonly (vista!)[MORPH] merged from Morph
ADDED: Catch oversized public key in credit.met file [SiRob] merged from Morph
ADDED: Anti Shape[netfinity] merged from netF WARP
ADDED: Relax At Startup[WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: Friends / Community On Queue Window[2BC/gomez82] merged from ZZULtimativ
ADDED: Restart if necessary[JvA/Xanatos/gomez82] from Official Board
ADDED: Fix from Official Board[WiZaRd/taz]
ADDED: lowered uploadtimer frequency to 10ms (was: 100ms) to improve upload/download performance - [WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: Automatic Firewalled retries[WiZaRd] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: some Code Optimations and Fixes[WiZaRd/XMan/Maella/Morph-Team] merged from eMulefuture, Morph and Xtrem
ADDED: Manual Client Management[Xanatos/JvA] merged from Xray
ADDED: modified calling CheckforHighPrioClient() to save some CPU[CB/gomez82] merged from ZZUL Bastard
ADDED: Options to choose Background-/Text- Color for RollUpCtrl[gomez82]
ADDED: RollUpCtrl, eMule Plus Style Transfer Window[eMulePlus/JvA] merged from Xray
ADDED: missing Prefs thx to LorenzoC for reporting[gomez82]
ADDED: save some CPU cycles with empty Queue[pP] merged from R-Mod
ADDED: BlockRatio[XMan] merged from Xray
ADDED: ClientAnalyzer-Log[Shadow2004] merged from eMulefuture
ADDED: corrupted barshaderinfo[fafner] merged from Morph
ADDED: Show Downloading file in bold[SiRoB] merged from Morph
REMOVED: SysInfoGraph from StatisticsDlg because crash with Mod Stats

For Private(Light) Version:
ADDED: Preprocessors to enable IRC/Notifiers/TextToSpeech[CiccioBastardo] merged from ZZUL Bastard
ADDED: Preprocessor to enable official UPNP[MorphXT] merged from Morph

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