Viewing: eMule 0.49b X-Ray 1.5 Binary

eMule 0.49b X-Ray 1.5 Binary

Merge: Merged to 49b Codebase
Update: Updated MiniUPnP code to v1.1 (04/07/2008)
Update: Major Update of Antileech.dll - Version 4 (including xunlei detection) - thx to Stulle,dlarge,MyTh,WiZaRd,FzH
Update: Minor Update of countryflag.dll's - JvA
Feature: Queue List per File in Shared Files Window - JvA
Feature: See OnQueue - Xman
Add: Several code Fixes - Maella
Add: Several code Improvements - Maella/Xman/...
Improve: Changed minor code part (FillRect->FillSolidRect) because it's faster - JvA
Improve: Changed several code parts around Argos code - JvA
Fix: Fixed minor Statisticsbug caused by a to small array - JvA, thx to Makkurayami
Fix: Fixed minor Preferences Bugs in Argos Page and changed some default values - JvA, thx to Crimson
Fix: Fixed minor NULL-Pointer bug in AddBannedClient - JvA, thx to AUG
Fix: Fixed minor draw bug on stopping a file with A4AF-sources - JvA
Fix: Fixed minor Multimonitor Bug around Tooltips - bscabral
Remove: Redesigned Shared Files Window
Remove: Fix Connection Collision - don't know if it's really needed in 49b

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