Viewing: eMule 0.49b ZZUL BastarD 1.9.5 Binary

eMule 0.49b ZZUL BastarD 1.9.5 Binary

CNG: BestShare exclusion range is now dynamic. It is calculated as the number of chunks sent in half an hour less one (why? ask my doctor...)
CNG: BestShare multiplier doubles each 10 chunks difference (starting value = 2)
CNG: Illegal clients cannot be selected as BestClient by BestShare mechanism
REM: I added single autocomplete history entry deletion in Search window, but official finally added his own
CNG: Shortcuts in SharedPanel:
(CTRL)+(S) SuperRelease
(CTRL)+(X) PowerShsre
(CTRL)+(Z) Autopriority
Old (CTRL)+(+) and (CTRL)+(-) are still useable to easily move selected file priorities up and down.
ADD: in all panels with a list of clients
(CTRL)+(F) Assigns FriendSlot (add the client to list of friends too, eventually)
FIX: Minor graphic and updating issues when some parameter changes
FIX: Other minor things here and there

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