Viewing: eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.5e Binary

eMule 0.47a TK4 Mod 1.5e Binary

Added: Header View+ - Views header of downloading or complete file and attempts identification of the file type.
Added: Don't log filtered messages option - Feature suggested by 9onzalo
Fixed: Stats Screen OnInitDialog TK4 Bug + code optimized
Fixed: A bug that could cause a good server to be removed on connect attemp when TK4 IP Filter update was in progress.
Altered: TK4 Credit System - Optimized /4 replaced with >>2 (result altered slightly)
Added: A couple more >> 1 << 1 optimizes (no change in result)
Added: Wrap around data block request - Fix by Aw3
Removed: Remove 'explict' mode for Neo encryption user options.

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