Viewing: eMule 0.47a StulleMule 3.6 Binary

eMule 0.47a StulleMule 3.6 Binary

based on eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.13 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix
Added: XP Style Menus (including few more icons in the context menus) [TPT]
Added: Release Bonus (12h or up to 16 days) (not for partfiles) [sivka]
Added: Release Score assurance [Stulle]
Added: Connection Checker [eWombat/WiZaRd/Stulle]
Added: Nick Changer Check [Xman]
Added: Display ban/detection reason [Stulle]
Updated: Bad Mod list and Spam message list [Xman]
Changed: Redesigned Reduce Score Factor setting (avoid tiping failure) [Stulle]
Changed: Enable/ Disable Sysinfo (complete and global) [Stulle/iONiX]
Changed: Spread Credits Slot may be added to PS UL class optionally [Stulle]
Changed: (SCS) reinitiate early abort clients without half a chunk threshold [Stulle]
Changed: Mod-ID-Fakers won't be counted any longer [Stulle]
Changed: TBH: MM shows KAD connection and both connections state [Stulle]
Changed: reworked Anti-Leecher-System management [Stulle]
Changed: ReAsk Sources after IP change to Cyrex style - not v2 by Xman now [Stulle]
Fixed: Forgot one check around the PBF change (D'oh!) [Stulle]
Fixed: Emulate MLDonkey, eDonkey and eDHybrid
Fixed: Bad Nick/Mod clients didn't get score reduction after second check [Stulle]
Removed: Slotlimiter by average UL value (replaced with Morph one) [Stulle]
Release Score assurance:
+ clients requesting complete files with release priority will not get
a score lower than the default unless they are Reduce Score clients
Connection Checker:
+ The Connection Checker will disconnect the Server/ KAD connection on going offline
and connect it again on going online.
+ Only networks set in the preferences (Connection settings) will be connected again.

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