Viewing: eMule 0.48a SharkX 1.2 Binary

eMule 0.48a SharkX 1.2 Binary

fix : version + beta check due to ntohl (taz)
fix : "search Related Files" Always Enabled (tux)
fix : log spam by Fix connection collision (Netfinity) - 10'x Enig123
add : track eMule mem usage (taz)
fix : CleanUpClientList from NeoMule 4.50 (Maella)
change : adapt for longer run sessions (larger hash tables) from Xtreme 6.1 (Xman)
fix : possible crash @CDeadSourceList::IsDeadSource from Xtreme 6.1 (Xman)
add : optimize dead sources handling from Xtreme 6.1 (Xman)
fix : UPNP correct status display at stats - 10'x isch
change : unified known str (taz) - 10'x Alden
add : searchCatch from eMuleFuture v0.6 (SLUGFILLER/WiZaRd) - 10'x Alden
update : Source Cache from MorphXT 10.5 (Xman / Stulle) + adjust to AutoHL (taz)
fix : adjust & optimize (minor) CAntiLeechData::Check4NickThief to funnynick (taz) - 10'x WiZaRd
fix : no funny nick to BadGuys (added Client Analyzer support to funnynick) (taz)

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