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eMule 0.47a Spike2 0.7 Binary

-->CODEBASE: Updated to eMule 0.47a
are were (in alphabetical order): Abyss K3 IC, GrafBerg, hackersondope2002, Hausi GER. (retired), magicm13,
Sh0ck3r, Smoke and sWub/Poolitzer.
And BIG THANX @ WiZaRd for answering many, many questions and giving helpful hints and tipps...!!!
ADDED : Activation Limit for the Drop Sources System (Spike2)
ADDED : Checkbox for using the new HighResTimer by zz (to be found in the "Extended Settings") (Spike2)
ADDED : "Dazzle's Map" can be turned on or off now (Spike2)
ADDED : Drop Sources System with Timer for FQ, HQR & NNP (taken from Sion, slightly modified) enhanced with the LODATI;
DropSources feature recommended / requested by GrafBerg & magicm13
ADDED : ListenSocket.cpp: OP_REQUESTFILENAME isn't answered for banned clients (from eMulePlus, changed by
Spike2 to avoid calling IsBanned())
ADDED : List of don't ask these IPs (for Drop System, taken from Cyrex-Mod; original by Sivka)
ADDED : Logging options for the new features (Spike2)
ADDED : Multiple Instances (from iONiX, taken from Resurrection; request from Poolitzer/sWub)
ADDED : SLS - Sources Loader/Saver (Original from enkeyDEV, taken from the Sion-Mod, modified by Spike2 - with big
Thanx to WiZaRd !!)
ADDED : Spooky-Mode, incl. ConChecker, rule-compliant (Original from eWombat, modified by Fenderman, taken
from Cyrex2001, Rule-Compliance by WiZaRd <-- Thanx to all of you :-) !)
ADDED : Show Spooky-Connect icon in Statusbar and MiniMule - I think it looks better now... (by Spike2,
Tag: SpookyConnIcon)
BUGFIX : Code-Improvement in DownloadClient.cpp regarding the UDPReaskForDownload() (by Loulach, taken from Sion)
BUGFIX : Control for showing active downloads in bold: Setting was not saved (Bug found by magicm13)
BUGFIX : GetClosestTo-Kad-Patch from Unknown1
BUGFIX : FileDetailDialogInfo-Patch (thx to Sirob, taken from StulleMule)
BUGFIX : Prevent switch to ... busy popup during windows startup (by leuk_he, taken from Cyrex2001)
BUGFIX : Small Fix around server.met-handling & -updating (Bug found by Poolitzer)
BUGFIX : Some small fixes for the SR13-Import-Parts-feature (incl. "Initiate Rehash") from iONiX 4.4
BUGFIX : Some small fixes from MorphXT
BUGFIX : Some small Webcache-Fixes & -Changes (from iONiX)
BUGFIX : The Hardlimit was not always obeyed (Bug first reported by pivi33)
CHANGED: Anti-CreditHack (optimized, thanx to WiZaRd)
CHANGED: Enhanced Client Recognization: added some Compatible ClientIDs, added "TrustyFiles" (Spike2)
CHANGED: Enhanced Client Recognization: eMulePlus-Version is correctly shown (1.1g instead of 1.1.7...) --> Thanx to Blue-
SonicBoy from TK4!
CHANGED: Enhanced Client Recognization: little typo (wrong casing) for Hydranode fixed (thanx to madcat666)
CHANGED: Optimizer - fully implemented now, inserted some more MEMZERO instead of MEMSET, where applicable (Spike2)
CHANGED: Spooky-Mode - removed redundant "enable Spooky-Mode" (was used for enabling Spooky at Startup) and
fixed small bug in rule-compliance (Spooky keeps being enabled, when you manually disconnect Kad)
CHANGED: TransferWindow: Right Arrow and Left Arrow expand / collapse the download again (without pressing ALT)
(can be enabled in "Look & Feel Options") (FR from official eMule Board, Spike2) (Tag: use Arrow-keys without ALT)
CHANGED: Webcache-TrustLevel = 15 as default (from iONiX)
CHANGED: XMan's Chunk Selection Patch can be turned on / off now (Spike2, idea from Antares & nextEMF)
REMOVED: Code-fix by Maella in ListenSocket.cpp (from Xtreme Mod) - not needed, thanx to WiZaRd
REMOVED: Redundant IsBanned()-checks before banning in BaseClient.cpp (Thanx to WiZaRd)
UPDATED: CxImage-Lib updated from 5.99a to 5.99c (Spike2, from MorphXT 8.0)
UPDATED: Emulate Shareaza (Spike2)
UPDATED: LibPNG updated from 1.2.5 to 1.2.7 (Spike2, from Xtreme 4.8.2)
UPDATED: SR13-Import-Parts-feature for large file support (Spike2, partly from MorphXT)
UPDATED: Webcache for 0.47a (Spike2, greatest parts from MorphXT)

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