Viewing: eMule 0.48a SharkX 1.1 Binary

eMule 0.48a SharkX 1.1 Binary

SharkX 1.1 20/02/08

change : default option - beta versions will check for new betas
fix : fine CS (additional CS) can't be selected with CA CS (wasn't active anyway) - 10'x aSceT

SharkX 1.0f 17/02/08

add : new version + beta check from Mephisto 1.1 (WiZaRd/Stulle/taz)
add : few optimization from Mephisto 1.1 (SiRoB)
fix : possible mem corruption @ CWebServer::CWebServer (WiZaRd)
fix : IntelliFlush options graying (taz)

SharkX 1.0e 11/02/08

fix : GDI leak IP2Country and other custom lists from eMuleFuture CVS (Rapid Mule/WiZaRd)
add : optimization for Progress Hash @ CKnownFile::CreateFromFile from eMuleFuture 0.6 (WiZaRd)
fix : Collection double extension fix from ZZUL_BastarD 1.9.1 (CB)
fix : a mem corruption due to a miss in drop sources menu strings (taz) - 10'x cellax

SharkX 1.0d 30/01/08

update : Generalize (for all directories related, not just for Options->Directories) solution for GDI leak (WiZaRd)
update : fix @ CDirectoryTreeCtrl::OnDestroy to avoid new mem leaks (Rapid Mule)
add : drop sources menu strings for translations @ CDownloadListCtrl::CreateMenues (taz)

SharkX 1.0c 27/01/08

update : AsyncSocketEx code from Warp 0.3a11 (Netfinity), adjustment for eMF winsock2 & Extreme UPNP (taz)
fix : AsyncSocketEx deadlocks and memory corruption from Warp 0.3a11 (Netfinity)

SharkX 1.0b 24/01/08

fix : fix @ CKademliaUDPListener::Process_KADEMLIA2_REQ for RecheckIP and firewall status (Enig123)
add : optimization @ CUpDownClient::SetDownloadState for request a new partstatus as long as we have a socket (Xman)
add : Optionnal funnynick display from MorphXT 10.5 (SiRoB) - 10'x JulGer
change : VS2005
update : cryptlib 5.2.2
update : libpng 1.22
update : CxImage 5.99c
update : md4.cpp and md4.h for x86 and x64 release from Warp 0.3a11 (Netfinity)
update : sha.cpp and sha.h for x86 and x64 release from Warp 0.3a11 (Netfinity)
update : types.h types from Warp 0.3a11 (Netfinity)

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