Viewing: eMule 0.48a NetF WARP 0.3a 11 BETA Binary X86

eMule 0.48a NetF WARP 0.3a 11 BETA Binary X86

- Added support to launch files directly with WINE Gnome & KDE desktops from eMule.
- Fixed a problem with checkin in the code to my private VSN server.
- Dropped PeerCache due to problematic code and that it is rarely/never used.
- Switched to SECURE CRT functions in a lot of places.
- Made Fakealyzer a separate module and added more color levels.
- Changed CrumbMaps to pack 8 status bits per byte. (less memory, more CPU)
- Changed UpdatePartsInfo related code to use much less CPU but with a little bit less precision.
- Fixed an issue with files >4GB in KAD.
- Fixed AsyncSocketEx deadlocks and memory corruption.
- Fixed deadlock in debug mode when opening dialog windows.
- Fixed a lot of warnings!

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