Viewing: eMule 0.47a Silversurfer 1.1 Binary

eMule 0.47a Silversurfer 1.1 Binary

- add Power Release (Xman)
- add Quickstart Feature (Ackronic)
- add Dropping Feature (Ackronic)
- add AutoBackup Feature (TBH)
- add Emulate Others (Spike2)
- add Filebuffer-time limit (Spike2)
- add Reask Sources Features (Loulach)
- add Funny Nick (Morph)
- add Mass Rename [Morph]
- add Simple clean up [Morph]
- add Better Chunk Selection (Xman)
- add Client percentage (xlillo)
- add Show Downloads in bold (xlillo)
- add see The Need (xrmb)
- add aux Ports (lugdunummaster)
- add Correct stats (netfinity)
- add Emule Forget To Publish Files To Server (XMan)
- add Small File Push (Miles)
- add Startup crash dump improvement(Wizard)
- add Codefix Crash on Shutdown (Morph)
- add Code Fix - DestroySocket (Maella)
- add reqBlocksClipping (Slugfiller)
- add faster Updating of Queuelist (Xman)

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