Viewing: eMule 0.48a eMuleFuture 0.6 Binary

eMule 0.48a eMuleFuture 0.6 Binary

- partially rewritten SLS [WiZaRd]
- added more AICH security checks [WiZaRd]
- request AICH hashes only in case we don't have a valid hash, yet [WiZaRd]
- if FS are toggled then the remaining data is recalculated [WiZaRd]
- added checks to prevent possible memory corruption while reading data from ini files [WiZaRd]
- changed minQR system to my minRQR system for way less CPU usage [WiZaRd]
- do not send empty dirs on shared file requests [WiZaRd]
- updated header view+ implementation [JvA] by BlueSonicBoy
- added missing code for "Avoid Credits Accumulate faker" in URLclient [Spike2] (by Morph)

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