Viewing: eMule 0.48a SharkX 0.2i Binary

eMule 0.48a SharkX 0.2i Binary

add : power release - from Xtreme 6.0 (Xman)
add : retry connection attempts - from Xtreme 6.0 (Xman)
add : more don't draw hidden rect. from Morph 10.1 (Sirob)
add : optimization for large shared list when connectint / disconnecting from server (Morph)
add : Optimization in sendto(...) at ClientUDPSocket.cpp and UDPSocket.cpp - from TK4 MOD 2.0c (BlueSonicBoy)
add : missing checks (random crash at shutdown) at FriendListCtrl.cpp - from Xtreme 6.0 (Xman)
fix : Possible mem corruption at ini2 (topic 125300), and mem leak at parser (WiZaRd)
change : Multi CS (-MagicAngel+, +Lovelace, +Pawcio), default Pawcio

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