Viewing: eMule 0.48a TK4 Mod 2.1a Binary

eMule 0.48a TK4 Mod 2.1a Binary

Merged: to 48a
Added: Fixed,(for win 2k), and reworked ToolTipCtrlX
Added: No Nagle option for uploads, theoretical/possible reduction in upload latency
Added: Creation date display for IPFilter.dat in IPFilter dialog
Fixed: Headerview - Crash on view deleted/moved file stupid error
Fixed: Headerview - WMV/WMA extension display false mismatch message
Fixed: Headerview - OGG/OGM extension display false mismatch message
Improved: Headerview - DMG type confirmation
Fixed: Unicode search text field overlaps preset filter check box
Added: Missing Code In Listensocket.cpp,Missing reaction to OP_REQUESTFILENAME Fix by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS
Added: MORPH optimization for large shared filelist, only reset if published. optimize by Leuk_he
Changed: Retained TK4 statistics dialog code
Added: Implemented old style graphs option, the devs already coded it.
Added: Warn & prompt of deletion of possibly rare completed files
Added: Warn on excessive compression gain for non-trivial files (>89% && >1 Partsize)
Fixed: Show "Compressed by" as a percentage of actual data transfered,(uncompressed)
Added: Safe Kad (slows down the spread of bad KAD nodes) - by Netfinity from (WARP_0.3a.6)
Added: Kad optimizes and function inline for improved performance - by Netfinity
Added: Kad Vista path fix by godlaugh2007 merged from Morph code

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