Viewing: eMule 0.48a NetF WARP 0.3a 9 BETA Binary X86

eMule 0.48a NetF WARP 0.3a 9 BETA Binary X86

*** NetF WARP 0.3a.9 BETA
- Updated code to compile with Visual C++ 2005 and in 64 bit mode using Vista SDK
- Updated to latest AsyncSocketEx code
- Changed library set to use the ones compiled by Howe
- Added CPU load limiter to main thread
- Changed compression levels to better reflect the higher performance of 64 bit machines
- Changed KAD search algorithm to better deal with rouge nodes

*** NetF WARP 0.3a.8 BETA
- Changed KAD to only add nodes that appears useful
- Fixed source distribution with some files that wasn't checked in

*** NetF WARP 0.3a.7 BETA
- Added "Track and ban" functionality to KAD
- Added message bounce protection to KAD
- Changed KAD to only add contacts received throught searches after succesfully managed to receive new contacts throught them
- Changed KAD NODE searches to choose a contact at a random distance from the target (gives better distribution of contacts)
- Optimized KAD searches to always attempt to find the 8 best contacts
- Fixed a bug that could cause NetF WARP to crash when a part is corrupted
- Fixed a bug causing some corrupt parts to download forever

- Note! There was an unmentioned change in NetF WARP 0.3a.6 BETA that makes the download throttling more stable.

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