Viewing: eMule 0.48a Silversurfer 2.3 Binary

eMule 0.48a Silversurfer 2.3 Binary

- merged to eMule 0.48a eMuleFuture 0.5

- added Argos Anti Leecher System (Xanatos)
- added Compat Client Stats (Stulle)
- added Virus Scanner (BlueSonicBoy)
- added Workaround for Uploadclients (thanks to JvA)
- added Official Bug when dis/enabling Queuelist/Clientslist (Xman)
- added Official Bug when checking for empty userhash (ilmira)
- added Code Fix for Disable Known File List (Xman)
- added CorruptionsBlackBox Fix (Xanatos)
- added Fix Obfucated server only connect on first startup, Always send cryptping. (MorphXT)
- added Static Tray Icon (MorphXT)
- added Completed in Tray (Stulle)
- added Switch for Automatic SharedFilesUpdater

- added own antileech.dll (removed very old Mods & added new hard Leecher Mods)

- changed Colour in Prefs for Download Meter in Tray Icon (see better under Vista Style)

- readded Features from EMF Mod (PowerShare,Session Ratio,MultiFU)
- readded SafeHash
- readded Smart Category Control (SCC)

- updated Design Settings to v2 [Stulle/MaxUpload]
- updated manuell Dropping and put "Dont Ask This IPs" after Drop for No GPL Violations (dlarge)
- updatet Source Cache (Xman)

- fixed Small Bug in SharedfileWindow (dlarge)

- removed Client Analyzer
- removed Redesigned SharedFilesWindow (for Design Settings)

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