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eMule 0.48a MorphXT 10.0 Binary

Merged to 0.48a [Stulle]
ADD: FollowTheMajority, a new feature that will auto rename your file with majority used, default action
can be changed from ModOptions->EastShare->FollowTheMajority, can be direct active from right click
or disable by any rename operation per file based. [AndCycle]
ADD: FairPlay, at least upload one copy of downloaded file with priority. [AndCycle]
REMOVED: WebCache (
FIXED: Obfucated server only connect on first startup, Always send cryptping.
ADD: Safe KAD :slows down the spreading of bad KAD nodes & kad cpu optimizations. (netfinity)
FIX: KAD: save in correct directory to prevent loosing kad pref under vista. (godlaugh2007)
ADD: CryptTCPPaddingLength added to advanced preferences.
Add: Anti Mod Faker [Xman]
CHANGED: Never ask confirmation when emule stopped with "eMule.exe exit"
CHANGED: Send non existing "morph 9.7" to old mods to work arround bug in morph anti leecher.
CAHNGED: Do not save obfuscated sources [Xman]
CHANGED: Calculate own score the new way for >= 0.48a clients
FIXED: Official bug when dis/enabling Queuelist/Clientslist (Xman)
FIXED: Official bug when checking for empty userhash (ilmira)
FIXED: Hang(deadlock) on exit (xman)

UPDATED:French (nicolas_FR)
Simplified chinese(pennyliu123),
Portugese_braziallian(heiler bemerguy),

Source code:
emule_all.sln & emule_71.vcproj removed. Replaced by emule.sln with depenancies.

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