Viewing: eMule 0.47a Neo Mule 4.20a Binary

eMule 0.47a Neo Mule 4.20a Binary

[added] minimule setting fo shouce "top most window" or not
[added] catch all handler for argos DLP to not crash on exceptions inside the DLP.dll
[changed] Toolbar speedemter is now a Cwnd instad of CDialog, what gives a much easyer handling
[changed] reworked tooltip output, fixed a crash bug on queue list and improved information output in all lists
[changed] the cleint how sends teh right v3 version in hello, it is not possible to emulate a v1 cleint to a v2 succesfuly
[fixed] small bug in calculation if IP pverhead of fragmented packets
[fixed] major bug in handling of the upload BW throtler control socket queue
[fixed] minimule window not does not longer flash up on cleint startup
[fixed] fixed 2 major bugx in Neo XS
[fixed] fixed some memlabes in MenuXP
[Fixed] downlaodlistcrel detail menu command
[Fixed] sorting bug on downlaod and shared list crtl
[Fixed] major bug in Share single files
[Fixed] NAT-T connection condition bug
[Fixed] ISP-T port to send selection bug
[Fixed] reload share button
[Fixed] NTB file list bug related to categorys

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