Viewing: eMule 0.48a eMuleFuture 0.5 Binary

eMule 0.48a eMuleFuture 0.5 Binary

changed addon-directory to new emule-style::shadow2004
fixed a bug in prefs while loading ipfilter-update-url::shadow2004
removed all old UPnP-Support from MoNKi and WiZaRd's service-starter::shadow2004
fixed ip2country for vista (hint from dlarge)::shadow2004
added ClientAnalyzer-Log::shadow2004
added MinQR from CiccioBasardo::shadow2004
fixed the "number of downloads" value bug in clipstat::JvA
added further check in SLS for sources which require obfuscation and skip saving::JvA
added Infinite Queue from SLUGFILLER::shadow2004
completely reworked FDC from BlueSonicBoy::shadow2004
GUI-bug in transfer-window, Reload-Button is now visible again::shadow2004
GUI-bug in FiledetailsName-Dialog::shadow2004

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