Viewing: eMule 0.48a Most Wanted 1.1.0 Installer

eMule 0.48a Most Wanted 1.1.0 Installer

MERGED: Merged to 0.48a eMule official release
MERGED: Merged to 9.6 Morph XT code
IMPROVED: Most Wanted UI elements redone from scratch
ADDED: Button on the search window to make easy for the end user the task of clearing his/her searchlist
ADDED: Strings that were on spanish on previous releases have been succefully localised to english
ADDED: eMule ask exit dialog has been rearanged, the original was a bit 'unconfortable'
REMOVED: The SSE 2 release has been removed from this awaiting the feedback of users from the previous SSE 2 release
REMOVED: Many configuration files that were not needed are not included with this release in order to prevent 'config overwrinting

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