Viewing: eMule 0.48a NetF WARP 0.3a 6 BETA Binary

eMule 0.48a NetF WARP 0.3a 6 BETA Binary

- Based on eMule 0.48a
- Added filtering of KAD nodes based on if the ID xor difference between own / source node have more than 6 bytes identical
- Added recalculation of own KAD ID if more than 6 bytes are identical
- Added modified NetF WARP icon [thanks Typoteus for the original one]
- Fixed lookup when not receiving valid KAD recovery data
- Fixed some messed up type casts
- Fixed a bug with the long term (2hrs) datarate calculation for clients
- Fixed some crashes related to incorrect pointer references
- Optimized CUInt128 class code (made inline)
- Put some often used code inlined

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