Viewing: eMule 0.47c Silversurfer 2.2 Binary

eMule 0.47c Silversurfer 2.2 Binary

- merged to eMuleFuture 0.4 with
- HeaderView+ (BlueSonic Boy)
- FileName Disparity Check (BlueSonic Boy)
- small bug with anchor in shared files window [WiZaRd]
- updated emulations to current versions (shareaza v2.2.5.0, mldonkey 2.7.6) (shadow2004)
- redesigned client detail dialog with modicondll addition (BlueSonicBoy/JvA)
- unknown protocol tag string to client detail dialog (BlueSonicBoy/JvA)

- added Smart Category Control (SCC) (khaos/SiRoB/Stulle)
- added switchable SQWT (MorphXT)
- added Show Session Download (Xanatos/dlarge taken from X-Ray)
- added UploadChunk Display (MorphXT taken from X-Ray)
- added Code Improvement for ShowFilesCount (Xman)
- added see all sources (Xman)
- added Uploadtoolbar (Xman)
- added Reload shared files on filenotfound exception (Xman)
- added Extened credit- table-arragement (Xman)
- added switchable Client Percentage (Xman/dlarge)
- added switchable Client Queue progress bar (Stulle/dlarge)
- added Check already downloaded files (MoNKi)
- added Switch for Chunk Dots (dlarge)

- fixed Bug remove unused AICH-hashes (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in ask for download Priority (dlarge)
- fixed most Compiling Warnings (dlarge)
- fixed Bug in Feedback Code (dlarge)
- little optical changes (dlarge)

- removed unused Codes (dlarge)
- updated german.dll (dlarge)

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