Viewing: eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.13 Binary

eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.13 Binary

FIXED: MergeKnown: statistic merge from SlugFiller mod has been fixed to
avoid crash
- also fixes duplicate files
ADDED: Don't compress uploaded data if datarate is above 180kBytes/s
ADDED: Official fix to work arround Reask Answer dropped for lowid behind
router with NAPT enabled (pointed by DavidXanatos)
ADDED: Portugese braziallian (pt_br) translation [fabulous]
ADDED: Chinese simplified translation (zh_CN) translation [pennyliu123]
CHANGED: USC: Should now respect higher class number of slot and reduce as
much as possible open slot
CHANGED: ReadBlockFromFileThread: Reviewed to be able to read data from
disk and prepare block requested at the same time
CHANGED: Update upnp library to 1.4.x (thrunk version) 26/07/2006
ADDED : GUI: Downloading Chunk Detail Display in Completed column
ADDED : DSB: Dynamic Socket Buffering [SiRoB]
- set socket buffer used to transfert data up to 250ms of uploadbandwidth

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