Viewing: eMule 0.47c eMuleFuture 0.4 Binary

eMule 0.47c eMuleFuture 0.4 Binary

* updated emulations to current versions::shadow2004
* new pref-page for ipfilter-update::shadow2004
* ipfilter-update from txt-file::shadow2004
* ipfilter-update from ed2k-link::shadow2004
* save/load sources including several enhancements::JvA
* modified extractwrapper, to prevent deletion of archives after extraction from the incoming-folder::shadow2004
* changed extraction-code for ipfilter in PPgSecurity.cpp::shadow2004
* autocompletion for ipfilter-url in PPgIPFilter.cpp::shadow2004
* filename disparity check::Tuxman
* checkbox, that IPFilter-Update (ed2k) can ignore the setting "Add Downloads in paused mode"::shadow2004
* header view+::Tuxman
* user can now choose, on which priotity he will share his ipfilters (before downloading)::shadow2004
* small bug with anchor in shared files window::WiZaRd
* tabbed prefs from TPT::shadow2004
* redesigned client detail dialog with modicondll addition::JvA
* unknown protocol tag string to client detail dialog::JvA
* added SLS-Settings to ClipStat::shadow2004

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