Viewing: eMule 0.47a Silversurfer 2.0 Binary

eMule 0.47a Silversurfer 2.0 Binary

eMule 0.47c Silversurfer 2.0
based on eMule 0.47c eMuleFuture 0.3
modified by dlarge

- added "ModLog" for ClientAnalyzer Logs
- added Invisible Mode (eF-Mod)
- added Source Graph (Stulle/Miles)
- added Solid Graph (MorphXT)
- added MTU Settings (Xman)
- added Use double Sendsize (Xman)
- added Static Server handling (Xman)
- added Design settings (eWombat/Stulle)
- added Fade Out on Exit (Xray)
- added Auto Backup (TBH)
- added Fakecheck (KTS)
- added Fake/IpFilter Update (KTS)
- added Dropping Feature (Acronic)
- added Quickstart Feature (NEO)
- added Auto Download Prio Settings (pP)
- added Mass Rename (Mighty Knife)
- added Friend Handling in all Cases (Xman)
- added Speedgraph for Toolbar (Xanatos/taken from X-Ray)
- added DoubleLucas (netfinity)
- added High Prozeß Prio Settings (Ionix)
- added Silversurfer Stats (Wizard/dlarge)
- added Silversurfer Stats Coloured (Wizard/Spe64/dlarge)
- added Average Queue Ranking (Xman)
- added download Chunk Display (MorphXT/Stulle/taken from X-Ray)
- added BetterPassiveSourceFinding (Xman)
- added Find Best Sources (Xman)
- added Copy Ed2k Link to Forum (Hawkstar)
- added Copy Feedback Feature (Werewolf)
- added Show requested Files (Xman)
- added Smart Upload Control (Lovelace/MorphXT)
- added Fix Connection Collision (MorphXT)
- added Fix Vista/X64/win2003 detection to lower number of half open connenctions (MorphXT)
- added require obfuscated Server Connection (MorphXT)
- added ReqBlocksClipping (Slufiller)
- added more Queuelist Infos
- added See Sources on Uploadqueue in SharedfilesList (Xman)
- added Variable Compression (netfinity)
- added Show Share Ratio in SharedfilesList (CB)
- added coloured Download Status
- added remove unused AICH hashes (Xman)
- added Stop Download by Client (Xman)
- added prevent duplicate downloads (xrmb)
- added Init-Hashtable optimization (Xman)
- added Source Cache (MorphXT)
- added mergeKnown (Slugfiller)
- added P2P WormDetection (Xman)
- added don't overwrite bak files if last sessions crashed (Xman)
- added Minimule (TBH)
- added new CPU/Ram Infos (Sicks)
- added Fix crash at shutdown (Sirob)

- updated german.dll

- changed Code for XPMenus (Xanatos)
- changed Toolbarstyle
- changed Background for XPMenus
- changed Sildebar with 2 options
- changed Some Preferences defaults Settings

- removed Splashscreen for my own Logo (emf)
- removed Clip Stats & Copy Feedback Code for own Stats(emf)
- removed Recource Bars + CPU/Ram Infos (emf)
- removed Pruna Webbrowser (emf)

-----------> big thanks to WiZarD/Shadow2004/Spike2 for your hard Work <-----------

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