Viewing: eMule 0.47a Magic Angel 1.5 Binary

eMule 0.47a Magic Angel 1.5 Binary

based on MorphXT v8.13
ADDED: Anti Uploader Ban works now also for "Punish Donkeys"-Clients
CHANGED: Anti Upload Protection values: min 1.0MB, max 2.8MB, default 1.8MB
CHANGED: AntiUploaderBan: unban for Angel Argos Leechers
CHANGED: some other small changes on Magic Angel and Angel Argos
FIXED: Bug with Reask Time (only occured when Spread Reask was disabled)
FIXED: Bug in Enhanced Client Recognization (with eMule Plus v1.2)
FIXED: The new DLP log entries were printed in Morph and Verbose log
FIXED: Bug in server-reconnect when reask sources after IP change was enabled
FIXED: some DLP Versioncheck messages
UPDATED: German lang.dll

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