Viewing: eMule 0.47c beba 1.3 Binary

eMule 0.47c beba 1.3 Binary

- added: IntelliFlush system [WiZaRd]
- added: link to beba's website to the Tools menu [Tuxman]
- added: Stop this client! [Xman]

- improved: added startup flood protection [WiZaRd]
- improved: eDonkey Hybrid recognition [netfinity]
- improved: find best sources [Xman]

- fix: dropped sources are temporarily set dead [Tuxman, thx to WiZaRd]
* decreases overhead and avoids reasking recently dropped sources
- fix: some rather small things [Tuxman, thx to MadDog]
- fix: XS fix for use with obfuscation [Xanatos]

- changed: added Client Analyzer information to client details' page [WiZaRd]
- changed: finally I managed to add the new beba logo from the forums :) [Tuxman]
- changed: increased SLS limit to 50 [Tuxman]
- changed: reworked options (styles, alignments and default settings) [Tuxman]
- changed: the tray bunny's ass doesn't cover the speed bars anymore *lol* [Tuxman]
- changed: toolbar buttons [Tuxman]
* taken from the Xtreme mod... no idea who created them but they look way better than beba's old ones!
- changed: updated Client Analyzer to eMuleFuture 0.3 base [WiZaRd]
* fixes a "crash on exit" bug
- changed: updated extended tooltip support to OnyxMule 1.2 base [Avi3k/CB]
- changed: updated Remove Unused AICH Hashes to Xtreme 5.4.2 base [Xman]

- removed: redundant ULONGLONG FileSize() [Tuxman]
- removed: WiZaRd's session ratio code ... maybe for later? [Tuxman]

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