Viewing: eMule 0.47c Most Wanted 1.0.8 Installer

eMule 0.47c Most Wanted 1.0.8 Installer

Based on MorphXT 9.2
ADDED: Stealth community fix has been implemented (Fix by tHeWiZaRdOfDoS)
ADDED: eMule Morph Most Wanted now supports SSE 2, if you have a SSE2 capable processor use the emule_sse2.exe
instead of the emule.exe (eMule.exe and emule_sse2.exe are only bundled TOGHETHER with the installer)
Use eMule.exe if using the SSE2 Binaries Package
ADDED: MediaInfo DLL is now bundled with the release to identify advanced properties of the media files like
bitrate, codec, etc.
CHANGED: Splash screen was replaced in this release and is "redesigned"
CHANGED: Minor changes with little relevance like adding includes, etc

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