Viewing: eMule 0.47c Xtreme 5.4 Binary

eMule 0.47c Xtreme 5.4 Binary

- added: extended statistics: Mod + Country statistics (partically taken from emule plus)
- added new leecher-community detection code
- added: Dynamic block request (netfinity/morph/Xman)
- added: whenever Xtreme decides to give you a lower downloadlimit than wanted "R" is displayed at statusbar
- added: advanced auto uploadpriority (experimental)
+ this new priority system sets the uploadpriority in relation to the avarage amount of uploaded data. This means, the more you have shared of a special file, the less it is it´s priority
- added: always one release slot
- added: show virtual sources at shared files (morph)
- added: give back some waitingtime when an uploadsession was shorter than 9 MB and the session was canceled because of reached chunk boarder
- fixed a bug if you started emule via ed2k-link

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