Viewing: eMule 0.47a For Dummmies 2.1 Binary

eMule 0.47a For Dummmies 2.1 Binary

eMule For Dummmies v2.1 Some change major, it is a little more than one simple update since I do not hope to leave mods a long time before good.
change: CLientAnalyzer was updated from the last Tombstone de Wizard.
SafeHash passes from the version Slugfiller (SF-IOM) has the Xman version (yes I know, it is nevertheless Slugfiller has the base)
QRdiff de Avi3k was updated
ReadBlockFromFileThread passes from the version Sirob (MorphXT) has the version Xman (Xtreme) with all the improvements that that Ci brought the
IP to Country there passes from the version Slugfiller (SF-IOM) has the version Xman (Xtreme)
New: KadInterfaceImprovement de David Xanatos (Neo)
remove unused AICH-hashes de Xman (Xtreme)
Dynamic Files Control of FASTT (easymule)
the ICS (Intelligent Chunk Selection) and the Antione that I have to mend since the last KillerBean and modified to turn on 0.47a, has the origin that comes from emulefan83 (EFmod).
Extened credit table-arragement of Xman (Xtreme)
emulate other of Spike2 (Spike2 MOD), with modifications of Wizard (Tombstone). don' T overwrite bak files yew last sessions crashed of Xman (Xtreme)
sourcecache of Xman (Xtreme)
IRC+ of BlueSonicBoy (TK4)
Closed Backdoor v2 of maella coming from Xtreme
see all sources of Xman (Xtreme)
EWMA (Early Warning Moving Average) of mkoorn (LEanmule)
One queue per File of Wizard, transfer since TheKillerBean.
Withdrawal: The randqueue of SLugfiller (SF-IOM)
the indexPartFiles of SLugfiller (SF-IOM)
Patchs: All official patchs coming from the official forum eMule, like some of Sirob, Xman, netfinity and Wizard.
Various: Drops are from now on adjustable since the fenetres options, and Quick Start is also activable/désactivable since same the fenètre. Some modifications in order to obtain a consomation of less resources.

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