Viewing: eMule 0.47c Scarangel 1.6 Binary

eMule 0.47c Scarangel 1.6 Binary

based on eMule 0.47c Xtreme 5.3.1 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Added: Spread bars [Slugfiller/MorphXT] - Stulle
Added: HideOS & SOTN [Slugfiller/MorphXT] - Stulle
+ for complete files only!
Added: Anti Anti HideOS & SOTN [SiRoB] - Stulle
Added: See chunk that we hide [SiRoB] - Stulle
Added: Rare file ratio column in SharedList [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Superior Client Handling [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: PowerShare [ZZ/MorphXT] - Stulle
Added: Draw PS file requesting clients red [Stulle] - Stulle

Changed: Show Client Percentage optional [Stulle] - Stulle

Fixed: WebCache working with obfuscation [MorphXT] - Stulle

Removed: Spread bars (old version) [SlugFiller] - Stulle
Removed: Dynamic Hide OS [SlugFiller/Xman] - Stulle

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