Viewing: eMule 0.47a Magic Angel 2.0 Binary

eMule 0.47a Magic Angel 2.0 Binary

based on MorphXT v9.1

ADDED: Push small/rare files and file by ratio [sivka/codes from NeoMule]
ADDED: enable/disable Powershare for Leechers
CHANGED: Release Boost works only for complete files
CHANGED: DLP code to Xtreme v5.3
CHANGED: Anti Ghost Mod bans also unkown tag in info packet
CHANGED: Show Size of extra bytes
CHANGED: Also detect extra bytes in info packet
CHANGED: Colored Upload: now you can decide if Morph UL-Slot colors should be used too
CHANGED: all MB-values in Angel Argos preferences window are now KB-values
CHANGED: Quickstart on IP Change can now only set enabled whe QuickStart is enabled
CHANGED: FileBuffer Size to max 20MB
FIXED: bug with Anti Uplaoder Ban
FIXED: display bug with max anti upload protection limit
FIXED: displaying of Webcache Icon in Download List
FIXED: some bugs with "Inform Leechers"
FIXED: bug with Quickstart time calculation
UPDATED: German lang.dll

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