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eMule Plus 1.2a Binary

FEATURE: Stand-alone FAQ version in PDF format (available as a separate download) [Vladimir (SV)/Aw3]
FEATURE: filename cleanup shortcut {Towelie} [Aw3]
FEATURE: server list update option was split into update from servers and clients {ElAguila} [Aw3]
FEATURE: configuration of default file permission {conman} [Aw3/DarkSoul]
FEATURE: show server UDP capabilities in the server list tooltips [Aw3]
FEATURE: large file size support (max file size 512 GB - 1 = 549,755,813,887) [Aw3]
FEATURE: Ukrainian localization [Punk/Aw3]
FEATURE: Complete Sources information in the file details [Aw3]
FEATURE: detect ADPCM audio stream in AVI info {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
FEATURE: show overall file rating provided by servers in the search list [Aw3]
FEATURE: option to send email notification messages in subject [KuSh]
FEATURE: shortcut for "Download from all A4AF sources (same category)" {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
FEATURE: Malay localization [xyes/Aw3]
FEATURE: support for previewing encrypted and solid RAR archives (adapted from original) [Aw3]
CHANGE: speeded up file parts info list processing to be suitable for large files [Aw3]
CHANGE: alternative file destination directory was moved to .part.settings {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
CHANGE: dropped configuration file migration from old versions (< v1h) [Aw3]
CHANGE: removed not working 'Automatic serverconnect without proxy' feature [Aw3]
CHANGE: use general user agent for HTTP requests [Aw3]
CHANGE: more efficient Rx file data caching to reduce disk access [Aw3]
CHANGE: faster plot statistics processing for WebServer and MobileMule [Aw3]
CHANGE: speeded up drawing of Part Traffic status bar [Aw3]
CHANGE: faster processing of remote part status packets [Aw3]
CHANGE: format of partperm.dat, smooth upgrade, settings loss on downgrade if there're file hidden parts [Aw3]
CHANGE: Jumpstart database format to support large files, smooth upgrade, downgrade with limitations [Aw3]
CHANGE: delayed file republishing on the server to post new rating or complete status [Aw3]
CHANGE: faster insertion to uploading when queue is empty [Aw3]
CHANGE: reduced timeout to purge inactive sources from 2:00h to 1:40h [Aw3]
CHANGE: drop without delay some kind of inactive remote LowID sources in upload queue [Aw3]
CHANGE: drop some buggy ed2k clients from upload queue as such remote LowID can't be contacted [Aw3]
CHANGE: don't send reask to a full source before file completion to save traffic [Aw3]
CHANGE: more accurate estimation of the required free disk space for archive preview [Aw3]
CHANGE: improved timeout processing on WinXP SP2 [Eklmn]
CHANGE: used lighter way to detect Internet connectivity [Aw3]
CHANGE: don't try to hash temporary files used by file completion {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
CHANGE: simplified email notifier code (adapted from original) [KuSh]
CHANGE: dropped import of old preferences (preceding eMule v0.21) [Aw3]
CHANGE: simplified obtaining of HTTP response values [Aw3]
CHANGE: limit minimum server connection timeout for connection though proxy (from original) [Aw3]
CHANGE: file sharing mode to allow read-only access to an archive preview files [Aw3]
CHANGE: show IRC Nickname list context menu even when no selection [Aw3]
CHANGE: don't send any cookie while checking for a new version [Aw3]
CHANGE: WebServer: order of friend and credit queues according to prefs and GUI {Fuxie - DK} [morphis/Aw3]
CHANGE: WebServer: faster preparation of the tranfer, search and shared files pages [Aw3]
BUGFIX: delete stray .part.met.bad on file completion and cancelation [Aw3]
BUGFIX: constant rehashing of files with some weird date {mamamia} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: toolbar button state while up/down customizing {DoubleT} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: new category ID allocation {rgreen83} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected part file date check causing rehashing in some cases {muleteer} [Aw3/KuSh]
BUGFIX: don't republish a file on the server if only comment was changed [Aw3]
BUGFIX: default category color [Aw3]
BUGFIX: Info View header localization after language switch {mamamia} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: part file loading assigned to the not existing category [Aw3]
BUGFIX: stopping of a file paused due to lack of disk space {muleteer} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: completion for some particular file names {taltamir} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected saving of statistics plot colors to preferences.ini [Aw3]
BUGFIX: exception on closure when no disk space for buffered file data [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected some memory deallocations {tHeWiZaRdOfDoS} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: complete transfer calculation for part traffic [Aw3]
BUGFIX: part traffic chunk statistics reset [Aw3]
BUGFIX: disappearance of the chat message pane after pressed Esc (from original) [Aw3]
BUGFIX: delete unused client objects when a file is stopped to free memory [Aw3]
BUGFIX: UDP reasks shouldn't have been sent to NNS [Aw3]
BUGFIX: focus issues for modal dialogs on the server window {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: corrected kick of banned source from upload queue [Aw3]
BUGFIX: chat session has to be disconnected on ban (from original) [Aw3]
BUGFIX: missed upload overhead for data packets [Aw3]
BUGFIX: cursor destruction {SlugFiller} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: don't add sources with mismatch part count to downloading [Aw3]
BUGFIX: display of Waited Time in remove queue for 'Another Server LowID' sources [Aw3]
BUGFIX: file Last Reception time for files complete on startup {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: insertion to uploading -- too many socket connections blocked some even already connected sources [Aw3]
BUGFIX: source reasking when too many connections threshold reached [Aw3]
BUGFIX: don't hash and share part files without complete chunks on startup after improper closure [Aw3]
BUGFIX: disabled renaming of file completed while renaming in download list {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: displaying of the completed size for erroneous files on startup {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: don't show Media Info tab for formats which can't be examined {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: edit dialog and message box localizations {BouRock} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: log information about duplicate shared files {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: some remote LowID purged from the download queue weren't deleted from known client list [Aw3]
BUGFIX: position loss of some sources in our upload queue after file completion [Aw3]
BUGFIX: a rare remote queue position loss due to missed reask for downloading remote LowID [Aw3]
BUGFIX: rare creation of wrong .stats file in the destination directory {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: download state change for remote LowID sources [Aw3]
BUGFIX: file compression gain and corruption loss in Info pane [Aw3]
BUGFIX: preview free disk space check {Vladimir (SV)} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: create temp. files for archive preview in corresponding temp. directory of part file [Aw3]
BUGFIX: sorting of erroneous files under 'Show paused and stopped files last' {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: file hashing in case of file read error {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: renaming through context menu (added sanity checks) {Prodoc} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: an issue with the scheduler handling of 0:00hs switch {guillep2k} [DonGato]
BUGFIX: Internet Connection Check stuck in some cases {DoubleT/xalbux} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: display of unknown video codec in AVI info {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: search and download list redraw after color related settings change in preferences {Fuxie - DK} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: source sorting when more than one client with status "Queue Full" exists {Vladimir (SV)} [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: error log message while saving credit file {dbh} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: localization for new eMule Plus version auto-check {purgossu} [Aw3/DonGato]
BUGFIX: prevent data exchange unless hello-handshaking is finished [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: rare incorrect setting of NNS state by download [Eklmn]
BUGFIX: processing of incorrect data while recovering for archive preview {muleteer} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: archive preview recovery for some boundary conditions [Aw3]
BUGFIX: preview of ZIP archive containing a directory archive entry (from original) [Aw3]
BUGFIX: deletion of output file after failed archive preview recovery {muleteer} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: MobileMule: potential crash on socket closure {Xman1} [Aw3]
BUGFIX: IRC: socket connection request on every connect button click {Vladimir (SV)} [KuSh]
BUGFIX: WebServer: usage of
tag [Aw3]
BUGFIX: WebServer: drop-down menu items, collapsing text {muleteer} [morphis]
BUGFIX: WebServer: login page incorrection to follow specification [DonGato]
BUGFIX: WebServer: browser image preloading {muleteer} [morphis]

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