Viewing: eMule 0.47c Onyxmule 1.2 Installer

eMule 0.47c Onyxmule 1.2 Installer

updated png library to version 1.2.12
added new Shared Files Categories: (tagged: "Avi3k: Shared Cats")
added option to organize shared files (only complete files) with different categories
added option to add, edit and remove shared categories from shared tree
added different properties to each category: comment, priority, color, auto cat-assign (simple, pattern-wildcards or regex)
added option to add/remove directories to/from shared cats
added option to scan cat's files with external AntiVirus program (part of "Avi3k: AntiVirus")
added option to display details of grouped files by category
add new Instant eMule Collection: (tagged: "Avi3k: Instant Collection")
added option to create a new emule collection for shared files
added option to create a collection for Shared Cats
added option to select the properties of the collection (text/binary file, signed etc)
added option to change the default prefix to the collection's file name
added new hebMule Version Check: (tagged: "Avi3k: hebMule Version Check")
added option to check for new hebMule version in taskbar's right click menu
added option to also check new version in the tools menu (via hebMule's site)
changed Server window's layout (tagged: "Avi3k: New ServerWin")
My info is now a log tab shown as default
changed server options location where "my info" was before
changed the width of the logs and serverlist to fit the new layout
added options to show/hide server options
added option to select Upload's Compression Level (tagged: "Avi3k: Upload Compression")
added option to choose manually the level to compress uploaded files
added option to automatically select the level according to Upload speed, CPU speed and memory size
added option to use USS values to the automatic compression method
added option to use different ports on each eMule startup (tagged: "Avi3k: Always Randomize Ports")
added users ip in client dialog and also almost all the lists (tagged: "Avi3k: Show UserIP")
improved hebMule's prefs dialog and splited to two dialogs (retagged to "Avi3k: hebMule's prefs pages")
changed Met loader to work along side eMule Shell Extension, if installed
added extended tray tooltip support by Ciccio (tagged: "CiccioBastardo & Avi3k: Tray Tooltip")
fixed a bug in Inifinite Queue setting, now it will be saved correctly
fixed a bug in AntiVirus code not accepting certain executeable files
fixed a bug in the initial display of the messages window (and rarely shared files)
fixed several official bugs & improved some codes:
fixed some memleaks by Wizard
fixed category assignment bug for downloaded files in DownloadQueue.cpp
fixed and improved several code parts

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