Viewing: eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.14 Binary

eMule 0.47a MorphXT 8.14 Binary

Compiled with vs2003 sp1

CHANGED: upload splitting class, allow more data to be send to lower latency clients
The upload is not as regular as you might have been used to because of
this higerh latency . Short spikes in the upload are possible.
CHANGED: USC: Take allowed overhead out highest allowable class.
CHANGED: USC: take tcp/ip overhead more into account.
CHANGED: Upnplib: reversed some check in upnplib to have better device detection again. [leuk_he]
CHANGED: Upnplib: Allow 2nd instance to use also upnp [leuk_he]
CHANGED: Some bindipadress in preferences could cause exceptions.
CHANGED: Mulelistcontrol: change moment of update of display.

ADDED: filter bigbang server messages because of gpl violation [leuk_he]
ADDED: Setable CompressLevel. [leuk_he]
A new parameter in preferences.ini can be added:
9 is best compression, slightly more cpu use (default in eMule)
1 is worst compression , save some cpu. Values in between also posisble
for very high uploader (> 200 kb/s) and/or slow cpu some cpu can be saved.
ADDED: ionix advanced webserver (ionix/Aireoreion)
You must select the multi user template to enable
the muti user settings.
ADDED: multi user webserver in ef-mod style tabs. [leuk_he]

FIXED: File completion of files over 4GB.

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