Viewing: eMule 0.49c Scarangel 3.2 Binary

eMule 0.49c Scarangel 3.2 Binary

based on eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 compiled with vs2005 SP1
Merged to eMule v0.49c [Stulle]
Updated with code from zz_fly's Xtreme

Added: Static Tray Icon [MorphXT] - MyTh88
Added: (Design Settings) Shareable file style for SharedFilesCtrl [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Feedback personalization [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Advanced option to disable/enable MediaDet usage for media files [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Display friendslot in UploadListCtrl (Status colum) [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: More media info related hidden options [Stulle] - Stulle

Changed: Updated ASFU to v3.4 to work with single shared files [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Updated Design Settings for new code (also improves implementation) [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Always wait 5 sec after sending save req before saving file settings [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Write FileSettings.ini sequentially (faster) [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Global SysInfo RAM stats will support usage of more than 4GB [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Min small files push size to 1 kB [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Small files push size slider kB based (makes keyboard input usable) [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: (Design Settings) Allow to use multiple font styles (B/U/I) at once [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: (Design Settings) Changed version to v3 for above change [Stulle] - Stulle
+ import of v2 is done automatically on startup
Changed: Localize ScarAngel string in Preferences panel list [Stulle] - Stulle
Changed: Updated Enhanced Client Recognition to v2 (minor change) [Spike2/WiZaRd] - Stulle

Fixed: Save known or FileSettings threads were not terminated properly [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Some glitches around Timer for ReAsk File Sources [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Changing the small files push size reset changes in the Tree options [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Some glitches around enabling/disabling the Speedbars in the toolbar [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Don't reset Connection Settings for Webserver/CML/MM [Stulle] - Stulle

Removed: Color Upload Feedback [MyTh88]- MyTh88

Feedback personalization:
+ integrated into Design Settings
+ allows you to change font style and color of the feedback
+ Label style will be applied to the whole feedback block
+ Default style will be applied if color is default and no font style is set

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