Viewing: eMule 0.47a Scarangel 1.2 Binary

eMule 0.47a Scarangel 1.2 Binary

based on eMule 0.47a Xtreme 5.2.1 compiled with vs2003 and Netfinity's fix
Added: Show Client Percentage [Commander/MorphXT] - Mondgott
Added: Tabbed Preferences [TPT] - Stulle
Added: TBH: Backup [TBH/EastShare/MorphXT] - Stulle
Added: TBH: MiniMule [TBH/Stulle] - Max
Added: Copy feedback feature [MorphXT] - Stulle
Added: Source Counts Are Cached derivated from Khaos [SiRoB] - Stulle
Added: MassRename [Dragon] - Stulle
Added: Startupsound [Commander] - Mav744
Changed: Enable/ Disable Sysinfo (complete and global) [Stulle/iONiX] - Stulle
Changed: added flag to return US Text for CastToXBytes [SiRoB] - Stulle
Updated: Webcache [SiRoB] - Stulle
Fixed: Xman Credit System [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: About dialog [Stulle] - Stulle
Removed: Copy UL-Feedback feature [IcEcRacKer] - Stulle

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