Viewing: eMule 0.47c beba 1.1 Binary

eMule 0.47c beba 1.1 Binary

- merged: eMule 0.47c

- added: list all requested files from user [sivka, small changes by Tuxman]

- improved: added checkboxes for toggling SLS and CryptLayer logging [Tuxman]
- improved: code improvement on copying comments to clipboard [Avi3k]
- improved: optimized expensive checks (UploadClient and BaseClient) [WiZaRd]
- improved: secure identification always active [Tuxman]
- improved: tweaked some more default prefs [Tuxman]
- improved: upload tweaks [Xman]

- fix: some uint64 fix in the interval shrinking procedure [WiZaRd]
* should fix the failed download sessions
- fix: Vista event 4226 fix [leuk_he/Xman]
- fix: XS Workaround [WiZaRd]

- changed: merged Enhanced Client Recognition to Spike2 0.9 codebase [Spike2]
- changed: merged UPnP support to Xtreme 5.4 codebase [Xman]
- changed: moved SLS output to the verbose log [Tuxman]
- changed: some changes in Dynamic Block Requests [NetFinity]
- changed: some icons changed [Tuxman]
- changed: some upload stuff... [Tuxman]
- changed: UL slot settings -> merged to X-Ray mod [Sivka/JvA, changes by Tuxman]

- removed: preallocate space per file [Tuxman]

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